Boat Tours

Malaspina Water Taxi offers a number of scenic tours in the Pender Harbour area. All of our tours are priced based on a specific number of guests so the price may vary based on whether you travel with the maximum group size. Rates are quoted based on destination, weather/sea conditions, and time spent on standby at your destination. Additional passengers beyond our regularly quoted rates will be charged on a per-head basis – please ask for details.

Jedediah Island and Roberts Beach/Nelson Island Malaspina sightseeing tours can be single-day or can be extended through drop-off/pick-up across multiple days or a week, as camping is permitted at most destinations we travel to during our tours. Just let us know ahead of time what your plans are and we will do our best to accommodate them. We can transport your kayaks and if you do not have your own we can connect you with a kayak rental company in Pender Harbour.

Our regularly offered tours are:

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