Jedediah Island Marine Park

Jedediah Island Marine Park, Boat Tour
Tour time: approximately 4 hours….longer stays available
All prices based on weather/sea conditions, number of passengers, and time spent at destination on standby. Please call 604-740-2486 and we will help you plan your adventure.

Jedediah Island Marine Provincial Park is located between Lasqueti and Texada Islands in the Sabine Channel Of Georgia Strait. It is accessible only by boat. Transportation is available with Malaspina Water Taxi from Secret Cove or Madeira Park on the Sunshine Coast.

The 243-hectare Jedediah Island Park has approximately 5 kms of walking trails connecting the secluded bays and old-growth forest of Douglas Fir and Arbutus trees. The island boasts a variety of wildlife and a shoreline rich in marine life.

Jedediah’s isolation and tranquility make it an excellent destination for kayaking, wilderness camping, exploring and relaxing. Jedediah is one of the largest island parks in the province. Visitors are free to camp anywhere on Jedediah. Some of the best sites are near the shoreline around Long Bay.

Camping on Jedediah Island

Camping is allowed at any of the numerous pristine locations across the island. This park is open year round for your exploration and adventure. Informal campsites abound around the island marine park.

Home Bay is semi sheltered by Mother Goose Island, which lies just offshore. Long Bay is sheltered by Paul Island. Both bays teem with shellfish: when the tide goes out, the exposed mudflats are ripe for clam raking and oyster gathering. Be aware of any Red Tide warnings before you go.

Jedediah’s north and south ends are rocky and hilly; most visitors will be content to explore the trails that run through the middle section of the island. An old road crosses the island, linking Long and Home Bays. Unlike many of the nearby islands, Jedediah has never been subjected to logging; much of the forest cover through which visitors walk is old growth.


The island is an excellent picnic destination. Discover and explore the many secluded areas of Jedediah’s semi-Mediterranean climate. Enjoy the taste of the many fruits such as pear, plum, cherry and apple that grow in the orchards around the island. The blossoms are spectacular in the late spring. Be sure to keep an eye out for the herds of wild sheep and goats.

Kayaking Jedediah and surrounding area

Jedediah Island offers some of the best Kayaking on the West Coast. Malaspina Water Taxi can deliver and pick-up your kayaks or rent from us.

Bring a lunch a change of clothing and a camera for a spectacular day to remember, stay for a day, stay for a week, give us a call. We will arrange it for you. If tranquility is what you seek, then Jedediah is the Island for you.

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