Water Taxi

Malaspina Water Taxi operates two boats.

Eagle 14 water taxi

Eagle XIV is equipped to take up to twelve passengers and gear or kayaks. It is an aluminum-hulled Eaglecraft vessel, heavy built and designed to handle all weather conditions.

Both our water taxi vessels were proudly designed and constructed by local boat yards in Pender Harbour. All Malaspina Water Taxi vessels have a rigorous maintenance schedule, are inspected regularly and meet all safety standards. Our boats are both equipped with Radar, GPS, VHS and depth sounders as well as all required safety equipment. Our skippers are Transport Canada certified professionals.

Our vessel Pender Eagle is a 27 foot fibreglass boat powered by a low-emission 2008 330 Hp diesel engine with a dual prop outdrive. Cruising speed is 25 knots. Pender Eagle can take 12 passengers and gear or 8 kayakers, kayaks and gear. This vessel performs extremely well under all weather condition faced in the Malaspina Strait.



Malaspina Water Taxi rates are based on destination, weather/sea conditions, and time waiting (if you wish us to stay available at your location, exploring Jedediah Island for example). For current rates please contact us and we will be happy to provide a rate.

Both our boats operate 24 a day seven days a week. Our boats are designed and equipped to safely operate in all weather conditions, though extreme conditions will impact the length of trips and time charges.

Our general service areas are:

  • Quarry Bay
  • Cockburn Basin
  • Hidden Basin
  • Blind Bay

All rates are fuel price sensitive and are subject to change with our ever-fluctuating fuel prices.

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